Unify your sales process from BDC to Desk

No transformation needed, just one internal sales enablement platform assisting from search to sale.

  • Cleanse and qualify all of your leads
  • Transition customers in-store with appropriate expectations
  • Seamlessly work multiple customers and deals in real-time
  • Deliver a better customer experience and increase CSI
  • Close more deals while maximizing profit

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Carmatic maximizes how you already work with car buyers.

More closing, less cost.

Carmatic is the only holistic platform built for dealers with operational efficiency in mind. You're enhancing and converting leads, while modernizing your retail with best-in-class payments, multi-user desking, and marketing automation.

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of shoppers make their choice based on payment amounts


haven't made a decision on vehicle make or model


buy a different vehicle than the one they came for

Simplify the process.

Accurate information in real time — current stock, features, and actual payment options. Our recommendation engine avoids dead-end leads and sold cars, and always finds you more alternative options, even without replacing your existing tools.

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Supercharge your sales process.

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